Co-op and building details

Athlete's Village Co-op courtyard and playground

Q: What is a housing co-op?

A: See a full explanation of non-profit housing co-ops on the CHF BC website.

Q: What kind of amenities does the co-op have?

A: In addition to the sustainability features, there are shared common spaces, a children’s playground, a community garden, a rooftop patio, bicycle parking, shared on-site laundry and limited automobile parking.

Q: What kind of appliances are in the suites?

A: Each suite comes with an Energuide fridge and stove. Some larger suites have in-suite washer-dryers. Dishwashers can be installed by members.


Financial Details

View from an Athlete's Village Co-op balconeyQ: Are subsidies available for low-income households?

A: No.  But we are able to offer some units at below market housing charges. See our units page for more details. Right now, only 2-bedroom units at market rates are available for new members.

Q: Will my housing charge go up, even if I am in a below market unit?

A: Yes. The housing charge will go up as required by our operating agreement with the City.

Q: If I receive a subsidy through BC Housing can I transfer to the co-op?

A: No. First Avenue Athletes Village Housing Co-op is not in BC Housing’s portfolio. The below market housing charges are possible for some of the suites because of an investment by the City of Vancouver.

Q: If I’m a senior am I still eligible for SAFER?

A: No. As a member of a housing co-op you do not meet the eligibility requirements for SAFER.


Community Questions

Athlete's Village Co-op Lobby

Q. Where can I find information about the City-owned rentals in the Southeast False Creek development?

A. You can get complete details on these two buildings on the rental buildings’ website.

Q: Is there a daycare on site?

A: There is a daycare in the neighbourhood community centre, and units within the community are designed to accommodate family daycare providers.

Q: May I have a pet?

A: Members are allowed up to a total of two cats or two dogs, or one dog and one cat. There are breed restrictions on dogs. Dogs must be leashed at all times when outside the units.