About Us

cropped-building-front1.jpgThe First Avenue Athletes Village Housing Co-operative is a non-profit housing co-op in Southeast False Creek (the former Olympic Village). We are located at 151 West 1st Avenue in Vancouver, British Columbia. (map).


The community-oriented co-op is part of a vibrant neighbourhood designed to be sustainable with state-of-the-art LEED gold buildings that include features like green roofs, individual energy monitoring and a passive building design. Members have access to rooftop gardens.

The neighbourhood is set on the stunning waterfront walkway of Southeast False Creek with easy access to shopping, community centres, libraries and recreation.

Please note that the waiting list for units is currently closed.

Make the move to co-op housing!

Do you want to live in a community that includes people from all walks of life? Where you get to know your neighbours in a diverse, dynamic community? A quarter of a million people across Canada have chosen the co-op housing alternative.

What makes a co-op different?

Housing co-ops are jointly owned by the people who live in them. When you move into a co-op you become a member. Together with other members you will make decisions that will shape your community.

thletes Village Co-op AGM 2012

As a co-op member, you have security of tenure. This means that you can live in your home for as long as you wish if you follow the rules of the co-op and pay your housing charge (rent). As a co-op member, you have a say in decisions that affect your home. You and your neighbours own your homes co-operatively.

Members form a community that works together to manage the co-op. Co-op communities are made up of all kinds of people – people with different backgrounds and incomes and special needs. These diverse and vibrant communities are the unique strength of the co-op housing movement.

As a part of provincial, national and international movements, members also share democratic principles and a rich heritage with thousands of others around the world.

To learn more about living in a housing co-operative, please visit the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC.